Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Things

Well, I don't know how new these are , but the other day I was shopping through the clearance at the Navy Exchange and found these

They are insanely yummy. I also bought the dark chocolate covered blueberries. Emily's Chocolates has tons of goodies you should check out!! I think I should go back and buy more!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Round Up of All Things Holiday!

Welcome to the holiday round up blog! Now that I have been able to upload all of the Christmas photos, I am going to put all of the holiday food I created in this one blog.

These are the Egg Nog Cookies , I made as a secret santa gift for my co-worker. She loved them (yay) The middle is basically a rum buttercream. I thought it was very very strong. but like I said she loved them!

These are the millions of Truffles that I made.. they are covered in... candy cane , almonds, toffee, powered sugar and cocoa!

The closest plate is all everything I made ( my mom's plate is behind mine) In the center Chocolate Covered Almond toffee , there are truffles right around those. Next is Cinnamon Fudge ( this was my favorite) and then on one half of the tray is Cinnamon Bun Cookies, and the other half is Pistachio Cookies. All of this was a BIG hit. In fact my cousin said my cookies , and goodies were better than my mom's! He actually said this aloud to the whole table. I think he is on the naughty list now hehe

Well, I thought this post was going to be alot longer , but I managed to squeeze a few days of baking all in 3 pictures. Whats up with that?! I will say I found some favorites I will definately be making through out the year, and again for Christmas 2009!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Herb Give-a-way!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!! I wish I had my laptop working so I could show you pictures of all the fantastic food we enjoyed!

So I just entered myself into a great frozen herb give-a-way!! Its over at Elle's New England Kitchen . You all should check it out!! and enter yourself!

I promise I will add pictures soon!! Oh! and look for my next Tuesday's with Dorie adventure!! Dorie picked it herself!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TWD Grandma's All Occasion Sugar Cookies... NOW with PICTURES!!

Seriously , where has this month gone?? I had every intention of doing this recipe the correct week , however my computer had other plans. So I waited and waited till i could get it fixed , and its still not . So needless to say there are NO pictures. but I did make the cookies on Sunday

I made the Sugar cookies with my 3 year old cousin Abby , we had a BLAST! we frosted them, and dyed some of the dough red . The red cookies Abby decided were Santa's cookies. Man did they turn out tasty!! Abby and I made Santa's , bows, christmas trees, stockings, and snow flakes. I had to share the batch with Abby , and the rest will be eaten on Christmas !!

As soon as MY laptop is functioning again I will edit the post and add them to this blog. Please check out the Tuesday's With Dorie Blog Roll to see how the other bloggers did with this recipe!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homemade Gifts

So I have decided that I will be making some Christmas gifts this year. My family is always going on about how I have taken after my mom with making sweets . So I feel I should share the things I love with the people I love. At first I was thinking , man I am really cheap , but who wouldn't want yummy treats!

So I have decided to make.... Pistachio Cookies from The Italian Dish
Chocolate Covered Almond Toffee from Savoring Time in the Kitchen
and lastly Chocolate Truffles 4 ways from Chocolate Shavings

They all sound so yummy.I hope I have enough will power to give them away! I really hope I do these recipes justice!!

Next I will need to find creative ways to wrap them!

Monday, December 8, 2008

New York City

Yesterday TM ( this is what I've decided to call the husband from now on. TM is his job in the Navy) and I ventured to NYC (for my first time). We stayed mostly around Times Square and Rockefeller Center . The tree is AMAZING. and the ice rink is everything you'd think it would be. I really really wanted to head to the Food Network Studios,
but alas there was no time.

I did however make it to Magnolia Bakery (yum) where I had a red velvet cupcake , and brought home the Hummingbird Cupcake(banana and pineapple with butter cream frosting and pecans on top) TM got a Peanut Butter Toffee Blondie.

We also headed to the Hershey's Store in Times Square, and got some really neat stuff that I haven't seen in any stores here .We saw Pumpkin Hershey Kisses,and I got some really great(at least I hope ) baking chocolate, and some extra dark organic chocolate to try!

Sadly I did not try any fantastic New York restaurant. TM wanted to go to Hard Rock. I know there are TONS of better places to eat than Hard Rock , but I had to make him happy too!!

I'm trying to find my niche in this blogging world .So in addition to Tuesday's With Dorie( which I will be posting about NEXT Tuesday) I'm not terribly sure what to post.Mostly my thoughts are scattered. Please forgive me if my bloggings are few and far between. I am trying my hardest to find content and to be creative.