Sunday, September 14, 2008

White Cake w/ Nutella Mousse and Hazelnut Buttercreme

My cake adventure started Saturday night I have a feeling I will finish on Sunday

I started with making the white cake from I only made two 6 inch cakes , basically I’m just experimenting and didn’t want a huge cake to come out icky and then throw it away. For the nutella mousse, I took 1 cup of whipping crème and whipped that adding a touch of sugar.Then I folded in about a half cup of nutella to make the mousse.Its super yummy.

The recipe I used for the buttercreme frosting was from the Yankee Magazine, it came out great. Now its just time to assemble! It’s so hard to stay patient and let the cakes cool!!

First cake = disaster the top kept peeling off as I was putting the buttercreme on. Even though it didn’t look pretty I still tasted it. That part was icky too. WAY TOO SWEET!! The cake tasted yummy by its self. But with everything on it, ick.

I think for the next one I will try something fruity. This one definitely did NOT work....

The horrible finished product.

...... to be continued...

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