Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Already?

Sooooo... Its 2009! and this is is not entirely food related. however. Its fun!

In 2008 I...

helped welcome to the family a sister-in- law
& 2 baby cousins , with one more on the way!
discovered my passion for cooking/baking
celebrated my 4th anniversary in Disney World
had my second foot surgery
ate quail , and sweetbreads for the first time
did NOT have a baby!
increased my bowling average ( I still suck though)
put my feet in the atlantic ocean
put my feet in the pacific ocean
finally figured out what I want do with my life
realized (again) that my husband is the best thing that ever happened to me
started my blog
donated to cure childhood cancer
rid myself of the toxic "friendships" I had

ok , so my list isn't as impressive as I thought it would be , but it was a pretty kickass year! Heres to hoping 2009 will be even better!

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HoneyB said...

Hi Allison! I hope 2009 you realize some of your dreams! :)