Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Food Budget, Eating Out, Wasting Food

I was reading Rhodey Girl Tests yesterday and she was speaking on a great topic. Food Budget vs Calorie budget . She made some really GREAT points on how to reuse food if you find you didn't like an experimental recipe. She also referred to the the "paint swatch test" you all you totally check it out!!

So this leads me to ... well me. I am the WORST at pretty much all the topics she spoke about. Because of my husband's work schedule ...the Navy.. his second job...and the EMT classes he is taking we fend for ourselves most weeknights, it totally bites. I find on the weekends we both get so motivated to go grocery shopping and buy food for the week in hopes of making food in advance. Bad news though. ....it. never. happens. Sunday gets away from us , we almost never make our prepared meals. Then we waste all this food, (or end up freezing it) , this leads to wasting money ( which I am not a fan of) In addition to wasting money we wind up ordering out , or eating out . Separately of course.

Generally speaking I have no problem eating out, I don't have a problem paying for it , doesn't bother me if it is expensive , or a bargain. What I don't like to do is buy meals that I can prepare myself. Luckily that doesn't happen too often.

HOW do I break this habit?! ARGH!

Ok so this is how I'm going to do it . I will research meal on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday I don't have a ton of regular meals that are easy to reheat , and tasty.

Thursday will be spent planning the actual meals , figuring out what I need to purchase
Saturday I will shop.
Sunday I will cook.

I hope to post all my adventures, maybe this blog will hold me accountable.

Look for my posts this weekend!

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