Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amano Chocolate - A Review

A while back Blake Makes had a give-a-way for Amano Chocolate- Jembrana. I was lucky enough to recieve one! I was going to wait and bake with it , but I read some other bloggers who just snacked on it. I decided now was the time ( while watching the Oscar pre-show) . This chocolate is amazing, I am a big dark chocolate fan.This chocolate is intense , it doesnt have a waxy taste ( like some darks i've had) It melts so nicely , and is so tastey! I did end up only having a few bites because I really think this will be super yummy in some baked goods....

I found the product notes right from Amano's website.

Product Details:

Jembrana is the world's first chocolate made 100% from beans from Bali, Indonesia. Bali's cocoa has traditionally been shipped to Java and blended with Javanese beans before export to chocolate makers worldwide. This chocolate is wholly unique. It is beautifully rich and yet gentle. In the blistery cold of winter as the branches break of ice and the wind howls trying to get in; there are few things as comforting as being inside by the fire curled up in your favorite blanket. This chocolate captures this moment perfectly. Jembrana's rich chocolate flavor is as gentle as a loved one's whisper and is something that you will treasure.

The Chocolate Maker's Notes:

When I found these cocoa beans from Bali, I was blown away. The beans were beautifully fermented; their flavor rich and gentle. This was of course, not the first time I had tried beans from Bali. It was the culmination of a long hunt for cocoa from this region that meets our exacting standards. In fact, I almost turned down samples of these beans when I was kindly offered them. After all, I had already sampled so many and none had been of sufficient quality to pursue. These, I immediately recognized, were different.

There are not many places in the world where cocoa grows in proximity to rice patties. Bali is one of them. Vanilla can be found creeping up the trunks of the cocoa trees providing the farmers with multiple crops for their livelihood. These beans from Bali are truly as beautiful as the exotic island from which they originate. The chocolate that we make from them is beautifully smooth, rich, and comforting. I invite you to try it and you will immediately see why I fell in love with the cocoa from Bali and the chocolate we make from it.

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